4 & 20 French Roast Blend [Fair Trade Organic] (12oz)

4 & 20 French Roast Blend [Fair Trade Organic] (12oz)

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FTO. Organic French Roast Blend (Dark).

This dark and intense cup is full of complexity with lots of spice and chocolate! Our simple approach is to blend two beans that are enhanced by darker roast profiles, putting them together to create a balance of both sweetness and complexity. This is not your run of the mill charred French Roast!

  • Flavor Notes and Brewing

    Coffee Info

    We recommend brewing 4&20 with a French Press. 

    7 Grams of coffee per 1 Cup (8 ounces) water (200-205 degrees)

    Roast Profile Medium- Dark
    Process Washed, Sun Dried
    Location Indonesia, Central America
    Certification Organic, Fair Trade



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