Colombia, Choclito

Colombia, Choclito


A classic Colombia coffee producing notes of chocolate, caramel, and cherry. This coffee is grown in a very wet region of Colombia where temperatures fluctuate throughout the day. From many farms you can watch the cold air, accompanied by billowing moist clouds, roll from the jungle over top the farm. This makes drying the coffees a challenge, which is why they're placed on raised and covered beds which also adds to the fruited complexity of these coffees.

Where its from

This coffee is a blend of several varietals from several farms in the Huila and Tolima departments of Colombia. It was constructed during a cupping competition held in the town of Acevedo. Producers from the area submitted coffees that met a certain criteria and had a cup score of at least 86 points. Over the course of three days, a panel of judges built blends from all the accepted coffees and everyone who's coffee made it into the competition was paid well for their contributions. The farmers who's coffee made it into this blend, include Guillermo Rojas, Jhon Edison Molano, Ivan Molano, Francisco Gamboa, Marisol Gamboa, Alfredo Baos, and Jose Granada.

Process: Washed

Varietal: Caturra, Colombia, Typica, Tabi

Region: Huila and Tolima

Altitude: 1,600 - 2,100 masl



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