Funky Chicken Blend [Certified Organic] (12oz)

Funky Chicken Blend [Certified Organic] (12oz)

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When we first began roasting coffee we wanted to create a blend that would appeal to all audiences. With a lot of practice and a little luck, we created a winner. The Funky Chicken is a complex yet unique cup that delivers the bright acidity and caramel sweetness of a medium roast and the smooth chocolatey earthy mouth feel of a dark roast.  This blend features three coffees roasted at different profiles to create one of the finest medium to dark roast blends in the area.

  • Flavor Notes and Brewing

    Coffee Info

    We recommend brewing this coffee with your drip coffee maker or Clever brewer.

    Roast Profile Medium-Dark Roast
    Process Washed
    Location Indonesia, Central America
    Certification Organic, Fair Trade
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