Old Crow Cuppa Joe [Certified Organic] (12oz)

Old Crow Cuppa Joe [Certified Organic] (12oz)

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Rich with a smooth chocolatey mouth feel and ripe cherry acidity, this full-bodied blend offers a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy. The Old Crow when served as an espresso you can expect dark chocolate notes with a sweet berry tartness.  As a brewed drip coffee, that acidity mellows, and that dark chocolate really shines into a perfectly sweet and creamy mouthfeel.  We suggest this blend as espresso due to its rich flavors and the way it tastes when paired with milk. Scroll down for brewing parameters.

  • Flavor Notes and Brewing

    Espresso Parameters:
    18 grams Espresso 
    Should start pulling in 6-8 seconds
    32-36 mL liquid out
    Finish in 30-35 seconds

    We recommend brewing Old Crow with a Moka Pot. 

    Roast Profile Medium Roast
    Process Washed & Natural
    Location South & Central America
    Certification Organic, Fair Trade 
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