Wax Wing

Wax Wing

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Roasted to the darker side of medium, this versatile blend pulls double duty as a great option for espresso and filter coffee. A truly all-purpose coffee! When used as espresso, expect dark chocolate along with smooth, buttery caramel.  When brewed as drip coffee, you'll still get plenty of rich, dark chocolate but also nougat and citrus-like sweetness.

  • Flavor Notes and Brewing

    Espresso Parameters:
    19 grams Espresso
    Should start pulling in 8-10 seconds
    38-40 mL liquid out
    Finish at 35-40 seconds
    **Tastes great over a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

    Recommended Brew:
    French Press
    1:15 Ratio
    60 grams coffee : 900 mL water
    Medium- Coarse Grind 

    Roast Profile Medium- Dark
    Process Washed, Sun Dried
    Location South & Central America
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